Saturday, September 18, 2004

Om Ganeshay Namah

It's good that I am beginning to blog on a very auspicious day i.e Ganesh Chaturthi. The festival devoted to the elephant headed hindu deity Shree Ganesh.

I remember this day 15 years back when we began bringing Ganesh idol at our home when I was just 11 years old.

It all began when a year back before we started bringing the Ganesh idol that I had been invited by one of my friend in the neighbourhood for helping him out for the decoration proceedings at his place.

I liked that work for decoration especially the electronics parts of installing those small motor which acted as a fan behind the idol and small bulbs. Those motor fans where not available commercially then and having one for the lord was considered a great achievement.

All these gave birth of having a Ganesh idol at my home... so that I can also do all the decoration by myself. And hence I started demanding this to my parents. Actually, bringing Ganesh idol home is not a joke and many rituals are required to be performed for bringing it. And it is also a continuous process i.e. bring once, bring always. And not following this could bring suspiscion in your mind for your downfall. So bringing Ganesh idol is considered a very delicate procedure.

But, as a kid I was not aware of all these and I could just see nothing but the decorations that is associated with these festival. And I kept this in my mind all throghtout the year when next year the festival was to arrive. This time my demand for the idol to my parents was very strong. I went to the extent of fasting (generally, which I never do) for 2 long days for meeting my demand.

At last my mother had to give up and consulted a priest from the nearby temple about bringing the idol. Priest on the contrary encouraged my mother on bringing the idol and told that its a good sign of prosperity. Still, my mother was unsure about what to do.

At last on the morning of Ganesh Chaturthi day it was decided to bring the idol. But, now another problem was of availability of the idol at the shop since generally if you want to have one, you are required to book it 10 to 15 days ahead of Ganesh Chaturthi. But, 'Alls well that ends well'. Fortunately, we were able to get one of the very smallest and cutest idol.

That, filled the whole home atmosphere with joy and happiness and everybody in the house started liking the idea of bringing the idol every year and the festival still continues.

This incident makes me a person who does, what he wants to do, no matter what all odds he has to face for acheiving it. And that's called learning by experience.


Suhit Anantula said...


Welcome to the blogosphere. Happy Blogging!


sushilsingh said...

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