Saturday, May 27, 2006

Need v/s Greed

There is a very thin line between man's need and his greed. Say, if a man earns Rs. 10,000 and is able to satisfy his basic wants with Rs. 6,000, he will be a satisfied individual. He will feel happy. But, when his income increases, his wants too increase proportionately. In economic terms this is called 'Marginal propensity to consume'. This increase in expense then turns into greed. We will always find such individuals running for more money to satisfy their "unlimited demands of life". That's how we find most of the people in this world, unsatisfied.

His want for more money never ceases and he enters a rat race of living life with more and more lavishness. Thus, never allowing him to do something big, that he had wanted to do in life. A self-controlled and disciplined man keeps his wants stable, even when he has a raise. This allows him to do things that he had always wanted to do. He is not afraid of failure and becomes a successful individual in society.

We can see this from various examples. One of it is, Infosys head and founder Narayan Murthy. He still lives a common man's life, washing his own clothes and utensils. He has not employed any servant at his residence, even though Infosys employs more than 20,000 IT professionals.

This shows that living life simple will leave you with more money, allow you to be more satisfied and do things that you had always wanted to do, as money is no more a concern.

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