Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mumbai BLASTS back

On 11th July, 2006, after a gap of 13 years, Mumbai was again struck by the serial bomb blast. This time Mumbai suburban trains fell victim to the catastrophe.

Last 2 weeks kept Mumbai terrified, first by the torrential rains, followed by bandh called by Shiv sena activists and now the serial blasts. Inspite, of these events the ever-resilient Mumbai showed all the courage to return back to normalcy.

In the normal situation people of Mumbai are least bothered about each other. But, in the event of calamities Mumbai ensures to minimize loses by generously helping those, affected. After yesterday's bomb blasts and closure of Mumbai's lifeline,(suburban trains) many social communities came forward and worked all night to ease the situation. Locals were seen distributing free biscuits, tea and coffee. While some were seen helping Mumbaites get back to home. This allowed Mumbai to get back to business almost instantly.

This resilient nature is Mumbai's answer to those, who want to strand it. If you try disturbing Mumbai, it blasts back with all the vigour. Come what may, Mumbai will never stop breathing.


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