Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dhaka Palace - Greece

On my recent visit to Greece, last day we came across a strange Indian restaurant called Dhaka Palace. As the name suggests it turned out to be a Bangladeshi restaurant. This was confirmed when we found a very unusual item "beef curry" in the menu.

A small description in the Holiday Inn's catalogue detailed it as, ''Indian curry restaurant with delicious Indian cuisines. Clean, draped tables, perfectly suitable for weddings, parties and ceremonies." This lured us to this place.

Grabbed a cab, hoping and searching we reached there. The restaurant was exactly as described. Walls were oil painted with Indian decors; the old wooden table that we occupied was draped with a table sized tissue paper.

After half an hour of placing the order, none of us were served the items we had ordered. Stuart’s order of cheese nan with chicken tikka was served with a nan without cheese. Ian, who had ordered vegetable biryani was served with vegetable rice and Robin could not make out what he was eating. As I was last to be served, was expecting an exclusively prepared vegetable korma.

On receiving my dish, it looked very fishy and some dredging revealed it to be CHICKEN KORMA. I was completely bewildered at the quality of service, and thanked God for saving me by a whisker. Being a vegan I always prefer to have a vegetarian food. I accosted the waiter to immediately cancel my order and in the end had to do with some simple vegetable biryani only.

Later, next day in the Greek office we found, that there was a better Indian curry restaurant at a walkable distance from our hotel, and the locality we visited wasn't considered to be good and should have been abandoned.

That’s called learning by experience.

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