Friday, January 26, 2007

Winkfield - UK

Last weekend I moved to Winkfield on a new work assignment. It's a place bit away from West London. It took me a hour and a half by Ford Mondeo to reach there. Initially, I had trouble locating the company-provided accommodation as cab driver too was not acquainted with the area. Also, the car did not bore a navigation system, making the task more difficult.

Fortunately, I was carrying phone numbers of couple of my office colleagues who were staying in the apartment adjacent to mine. They helped the driver reach through, and even stood outside on the main road to help us easily locate them.

Here the office looks more to be in the woods as it daily requires us to travel by cab. Nevertheless, everyday we have a different classy vehicle waiting for us viz., BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, etc. The office is surrounded by garden and lush green trees. View outside the window creates marvellous jungle effect. Occasional winter mist adds to the beauty.

Other attractions in the vicinity include Legoland for kids and Royal Windsor castle - official residence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. These are the places I have come to know till now. Heathrow airport also falls at a distance of just about 15 mins. drive.

Going forward, spending more time here would reveal more mysteries, giving me opportunity to update this blog. Click here to join buzzy_biz to receive updates and access panoramic UK photos.

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