Saturday, May 03, 2008


After a long journey of 30 hours, I finally reached destination Mexico at 21:00 hours on 13th April 2008. It was a tiring journey with 6 hours halt at Frankfurt. Thankfully, while returning we have 23 hours halt at Frankfurt wherein we will be checking into the Airport Hotel, giving us good time to relax.

Mexico is a good city, but not for vegans. There are hardly any vegetarian options available at the hotels here. For breakfast, we are surviving on cereals, fruits and bread. Arroz and beans are regulars during lunch, and dinner is catered by the stock of food that we have from India. No idea, what will happen once this home stock exhaust.

Be sure to learn some basic Spanish, before you land in Mexico. It’s a hard life if you do not know Spanish. Despite of Mexico’s close vicinity to U.S., it was surprising to see people not knowing English. All the signboards to utility websites are in Spanish. It’s dangerous to tour alone without a Mexican counterpart.

We visited a place called Xochimilco(pronounced ‘Socheemilco’). It was a nice place with a good marketplace. Daniel Lopezgonz, accompanied us with his wife Martha and two daughters Pamela and Tamara. Daniel’s in-laws later joined us during a ride on the boat. There were vendors selling everything, from fruits to half-roasted corns, flowers to some speciality cloth during our one-hour ride on the boat. All we replied to everybody was with Gracias. There were also small boats that had people playing Mariatchi music. Later we had some Quesadillas at a restaurant. To indianise we added lot of chilli, lemon and salt, which made them taste better. If it not had been Daniel we wouldn’t have reached this place with so ease due to the language barrier.

There are some picturesque volcanoes in and around Mexico city which we are planning to visit sometime later.

Wish us good luck on our conquest to find or cook Indian food in Mexico!!

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