Friday, December 05, 2008


"Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute"

- MK Gandhi

That sounds true but not when communication is need of the hour. Study says 95% of the life problems arise either due to the lack of communication or improper communication. Communication plays a very important role in the life of any individual. It could be at home, office or at social events. Communication can bring two individual/groups/countries together as well as separate them.

It is not the materialistic needs that deter the quality of life, but good communication techniques. Even the most fierce enemies can be brought together, if they are ready to solve the issue through open dialogue. However, in most cases individuals misinterpret the actions of others according to their own will and wields enmity without communicating what they interpreted. They refrain from allowing a second thought to strike their mind, refuse to understand the act of others. Resultantly, start acting against the will of other individual and thus creating conflicts.

Cumulatively, this grows into a bigger battle and starts heading towards a point of no return and thus hurling heavy and irrepairable losses to both.

"Nothing great can be achieved through silence"

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