Sunday, May 29, 2005

Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith

Yesterday, I had been to the late night show of Star Wars III at Inox. Movie started at 23:00 hrs.

Before starting of the show something took me by surprise. Usually, before starting of the movie lots of advertisements and messages are displayed. So, I was not viewing them and was lost in my thoughts. When suddenly I saw everybody around me standing up including my friend sitting next to me. For a moment, I thought, 'is there some bomb hoax and have we been asked to vacate the theatre ?'. When I took a look on the screen, there was a message "Please stand up - for the National Anthem". And I think I was the last person to get up, and that too with a jerk.

I liked this idea of National Anthem before the movie begins. But, the flag cloth that was being picturised on the screen could have been of better quality. Anyways, something better than nothing.

Star Wars as usual had cool graphics and special effects. Anakin Skywalker who saves his master Kenobi and rescues the Chancellor gets promoted to be included in the Jet-I council. But to his dismay he is not designated as a Master(One who becomes the member of the council by default, becomes a Master). This came as a surprise to him. Since he is not the master, his suggestions are not taken into consideration and nor is he being consulted for any critical decisions. Though, his skills were more than anybody in the council.

This made him felt being left out of the activities of the council and he is approached by the darker side of the mission. He becomes the slave of the evil and obeys his command.

Director, George Lucas has very well highlighted this part of the movie where the hero in the begining becomes a complete devil towards the end.

Good movie. Worth watching once....

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