Saturday, May 28, 2005

That bad morning

Yesterday morning, when everything went wrong for me. Here how it goes ..........

When I woke up in the morning it was already 8:30 am to find that my alarm did not rang coz' it's battery had gone down. I hurriedly got ready for office by 9 am, and to mention that I had to skip exercising that day.

By 9 my office starts and here at 9, i was leaving my house. It takes 10 mins to reach office by an auto-rickshaw. But since this was a bad morning there was only stand without any rickshaws. Had to keep walking towards my office, keeping an eye on all the auto-rickshaws that passed my way to find them boarded. After 10 mins found a one. And to add to my woes, this rickshaw driver was not carrying any change, not even a rupe. No option but, left change with him.

At last, reached office at 9:25 am. Quickly ran through my mails and headed towards pantry to have breakfast. Corn flakes with milk was on my mind. On reaching pantry found that it was not readily available which burgeoned the queue.

Sandwhich was the another quicky left. I moved out of the queue, to get sandwhich coupon. To my disguise Sandwhich guy had no chutney left.

Headed towards cornflakes queue, only to know that the bowls that came out have been served. So, took the decision to stand in the general snacks queue and have idlis. Atlast, got some idlis, had them and returned to my desk.

Managed to start my daily work at 10:00 am which was planned to start at 8:30(a day ahead).

I would always remember this morning......

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