Saturday, July 23, 2005

Picnic to Dive Agar

Last Saturday I had been to a place called Dive Agar in Raigad District. We started at about 7:00 am (7:30 am to be precise IST). Travelling absorbed almost 5 hrs of our time. Generally, it takes 4 hrs but, multiple stoppages, added an hour and a half extra to the normal time.

We parked our luggage at the hired cottages and changed for a visit to the beach. Before that, luncheons were important for the starving stomachs. A typical konkan thali(servings) consisting of chapatis(Indian bread) made up of rice made a good combination. It was delicious and very different from our regular wheat chapatis.

Soon after we left for the beach - laughing and cracking PJs(Practical Jokes) on the way. Beach formed a good playground for a football match and thus were divided into two teams, each consisting of 11 players being lead by Riyaz and Rajesh respectively. That proved to be a great fun. An hour later, at a break, Matti and Guruprasad also joined in. Everybody enjoyed their free movement of legs on a large playground. Otherwise, we have our fingers moving over a computer keyboard. That showed it's result on monday morning in office which saw everyone walking differently.

Saturday night was a time to enjoy 'Antakshari', around a camp fire on the beach. It was dead dark, until a bonfire was lit and one could only hear loud noises from our hoarse soar throats.

Next day, on Sunday we left to return home. On the way we visited two temples viz., Suvarna Ganesh(Dive Agar) and Harihareshwar. Harihareshwar was too good place and made a good picturesque as it is located next to the beach behind a large hillrock.

Climatic conditions at these places were too humid for us to survive another day however; it is much pleasant when it rains. But as it stops, humidity bounces back. Fortunately or unfortunately we experienced rains when we were leaving Dive Agar. These places are covered with loads of betel and coconut trees which paints them lush green.

Finally, reached Pune exhausted at about 9:00 pm, ending this breathtaking trip.


Diaries of a madman said...

Hey can u please mail me the contact number of any hotel etc in diveagar..I would be grateful

Anonymous said...

Hi Nehal,
We are planning to visit the place, can you send me contact no. of any hotel in diveagar.

Thanks in advance.