Sunday, August 07, 2005


I experienced what Alchemist says even before I read this great fable The Alchemist-By Paulo Coelho. Infact, I would say I got this book as I was thinking to acquire it.

It happened so,.... that I was ryzing and came across a page on which the name of this book was mentioned. I thought of reading this book and was googling the book to know about it's review. As was reading the short description and reviews about the book, my friend Vivek appeared from behind and saw what I was reading. He instantly told me about the book and also told that he possessed the book and that it is available with him at that very moment.

He immediately took out the book from his drawer and graciously offered it to me. Now what should I call this, a coincidence or world conspiring to help me achieve what I wanted. It seems that my urge for the book was so strong that it was made available to me instantly.

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