Sunday, September 04, 2005

Bulls in action

This refers to my post exactly a year ago. Both, stock and real estate markets have witnessed an astounding growth with stock markets fetching rougly around 30% returns in a year's time.

With Indian economy booming with an annual growth rate of around 6.5%, further handsome growth can be expected in the stock market. New set of FIIs from Japan and Europe have opened up there funds to invest in Indian markets. This will further fuel up the index to the soaring heights of 10000 mark within next one year.

But, small investors beware of this flaring fire. Invest smartly, that they don't burn out your pockets. Recent reports show FIIs share in top Indian blue chips is more than their Indian counterparts. If someday FIIs were to pull out then, do I need say something further... ? This negative scenario can only happen in a very untoward circumstances which might dreadfully affect Indian economy. Otherwise, currently stock markets are easily discounting the situations that in the past had once wounded the sensex.

Until FIIs and MFs are happy with the markets keep enjoying the safe game and merry making profits....


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