Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Travel to London - Part II

As I entered the flight, the attendant guided me to my seat. I unpacked some of the technical handbooks from my cabin bag and comforted myself in the one of the allotted aisle seats. Flight was pushed backed from it's original position. Although it was moving, it felt as if it was being dragged by some small vehicle, as yet the engines were silent. It felt that it was being lead to the start of the runway. Suddenly, there was a pause of about 2 minutes, I was completely lost. Didn't knew, what the pilots were up to. We were strictly instructed to be seated and tighten our seat belts.

Instantly, engines started roaring, and the bird thumped-off the runaway. I couldn't take my eyes off the faraway window on my left. Machine gradually gathered speed and took-off. Objects on the land started becoming smaller and smaller and soon we were in air. All that was visible was sky and clouds. Flight attendants and airhostess were off, serving beverages and juices. As I was not well, I preferred some piping hot tea for myself.

Being alone on a maiden flight and that too when you are not well, becomes a boredom. Soon luncheons were served. Being a veggie I preferred veg. meal pack. It was pretty good then heard of.

As London approached, the altitude was being reduced at an enormous rate. A severe pain kicked-off in my ears. It felt like my ear drums would soon blow-off. Pain was intolerable and I had to immediately call one of the flight attendant. Upon explaining the problem, he instantly pointed it to be the result of the cold that I was suffering from. He asked me to take deep breaths and exhale while trying to yawn, similar to the way we do while waking up in the morning. Asked me to nibble a chocolate. Remedy surely brought some relief. As the aircraft touched ground, pain was almost off. That was a bizarre experience that I would always remember.

My check-out took only 45 mins. As I was not carrying any coins or calling cards, I used my India credit card to ring up my room mate in London. He guided me to reach Canary Wharf and agreed to pick me up from station. Started-off experiencing London tube train with a change at Piccadilly Circus reached Canary Wharf in half an hour. He was there to pick me up and there I was, at my new, but temporary address in London.

The apartment was cosy and comfortable. It has all the required amenities and is well above expectation. I helped myself with some hot dinner and got inside the bed for a good night sleep.

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