Thursday, September 07, 2006

Human-less work force

At most of the common places in London or may be in the whole of United Kingdom IT is playing a big role. I am talking of the positions in India like apartment security guard, bus conductors, ticket collectors, motor man, etc.

Yesterday, I had been to a place called Bow Church by DLR (Docklands Light Railway). The fully automated trains on this line are driverless. Coincidentally, I was able to grab the front seat in the very first coach, a place where motor man sits. I was amazed at the way DLR was being operated. Though, there is an operation board, it is generally locked up. Occasionally, you may find a PSA (Public Service Agent) roaming around in the train and if need be, monitors the operation with minimal intervention. Running on elevated track, many liken DLR to a roller coaster ride as the train climbs and swoops its way through Docklands to Greenwich.

How much time before this becomes a reality in an Indian city like Bombay? Bombay is in extreme need for human-independent mode of transport. Transport strikes will become nightmares, once such systems are implemented.

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