Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sunny Sheffield

A month's visit to UK Midland, Sheffield gave me an opportunity to explore UK's country side. Though Sheffield is considered as one of the UK city, I would rather call it a well developed village. It is surrounded by mountains, and roads within the city sway up and down. Whole city seems to have been built above a table of mountains.

Don't really know why is it called SUNNY Sheffield ? Like any other UK city except London, it too has a City Centre right in the middle of the town. There I was fortunate to experience Britain's biggest Halloween party called Fright Night. On the night, locals get together on the street fancying ghostly characters. There are traders who come around to sell articles of speciality and for kids, there are loads of games in action. I could not stop myself from clicking continuous rounds of photographs. They will soon appear on buzzy_biz. To view them you will require a yahoo id.

Meadowhall is another magnificent shopping place to visit. It is considered to be one of the biggest malls of UK. Tram service from City Centre gets you over there. Other major attractions around the city are York, Alton Towers - biggest amusement park of UK and Castle town.

While returning from Sheffield to London, until halfway I had Ford Galaxy to my availability while remaining half was covered by Mercedes. Timing were almost similar to what it takes to reach Bombay from Pune. We touched London in less than 3 hours, while it took another 2 hours to reach home. It seems same traffic situation applies to all major world cities.

If you are visiting UK, Sheffield is worth visiting, even it means for a shorter duration.

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