Friday, November 03, 2006

Virtual Local Guide

Gone are the days when you hire a local guide to see historical places! While standing in a queue outside Buckingham Palace, I was wondering about how and who would explain me the significance of the corners of Her Majesty's Queen Elizabeth's official residence.

Once we entered the palace the first thing that was handed over to us was the mobile phone-like device with a pair of headphones. This was an interactive device which behaves exactly like your local guide and explains each of the state rooms in full details. Each of the rooms has a number clearly visible. If you want to repeat any of the details for that room, you just need to dial that number on the keypad.

I was overwhelmed by this fantastic device. All the instructions were being accurately vocalized and went on synchronously, as we walked throughout the palace.

Technology is taking it's leap to surmount incorrect human acts. May be we in India we can implement such devices at historical monuments like Red Fort, Taj Mahal, Mysore palace, etc. This will give organised employment to the unemployed, who will take care of such systems and at the same time save tourists from being duped by the local unorganised guides.

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