Thursday, September 09, 2010

MS-Speech Recognition

Today morning, exploring my ThinkPad for its features, came across this Speech Recognition application from Microsoft. It took me through the wizard to setup the component which also involved certain training to the application, so that it recognizes my voice and words correctly during dictation in office files.

I also underwent additional training lessons, for the computer to reach better accuracy. Thinking the setup being successful, it would save my effort and time to type emails in office. It was time to try this out in MS-Word, I pronounced “Resource Augmentation”. Here is what it typed for several repeats:

Results of medication
He has also been taken
His last publication
This also, and they should
Results of an indication
Response of medication
The socks, and Asia
Just last publication
Response of engaging
His response, and they should
His last album information
Besides publication
It’s also published
Besides application
This last publication
Results of medication
Besides obligation
He decides to take
Response of medication
Besides of medication
And the sounds of medication
The size of meditation
Resource of medication
The source of many days
A source of meditation

….Finally, I gave up.


Ivan Bayross said...

Microsft's voice recognition is the worst voice recognition s/w that you can experience.

It's tuned to an American accent and responds very badly to the Indian accent.

I've been using Dragon Naturally Speaking for about 10years now and it give me 99% accuracy.

If you are interested in voice recognition do give DNS a try.

Ivan Bayross

Nehal Shah said...

It didnt seem an accent issue to me as it was perfectly able to recognise my words during the training. Also, i was trying in my UK accent.

Voice recognition by Google app installed on my cell phone is working perfectly well, without a single mistake.

Microsoft must seriously think of working on the tool.